You're scrolling through Pinterest and you see it. Again. The same stock photo you used for your last blog post on someone else's blog post. And it looks terrible because they've somehow decided that using clashing fonts in garish colours is a good idea. Ugh! You're sick to death of sharing stock photos with hundreds of other people and seeing the same type of photos everywhere (vase of roses and bow paperclips, anyone?).


You want to stand out as a professional. You want your dream audience to see exactly what your brand and biz are all about. And you want them to fall in love at first sight (without having to pretend you like roses).


With The Style Gallery you get a minimum of 30 high resolution images a month, created with you and your business in mind. There are only 25 spots available, so you can really stand out.


What life looks like after...

  • You're breathing easy and feeling so much more confident knowing that all your images match your content and your brand identity
  • You're speaking directly to your dream audience and growing your community organically, easily and steadily
  • You attract just the right clients for your services and customers for your e-courses
  • You ditch the overused stock photos and step away from the bow paperclips


"Nidia meticulously studied my business, my product offering and asked the right questions to curate the perfect items for my daily inspiration email "Good Morning Beautiful" campaign. Her styling evoked the right feeling that aligns perfectly to my brand and shows prospective clients the motivational + inspirational experience they receive when they sign up. Instagram is a visual platform and having the right images for your feed is essential."   - Reese Evans, Yes Supply

Stop wasting your valuable time searching for inappropriate and overused images. Put your best content out into the world without a second of hesitation. Clearly, confidently and beautifully. 


Click one of the buttons below to start:

$65 AUD per month

Only 25 spots available!


Cancel Anytime

Not in love with your photos? Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


What happens next:

  1. Click any of the pink buttons to purchase your membership to The Style Gallery
  2. You'll be asked to fill out your details (via SentryLogin), purchase your monthly membership and confirm your email address
  3. You will then get instant access to the exclusive members' area and a special Welcome stock photo pack (pictured on this page)
  4. You will receive a Welcome email, as well as a branding questionnaire (in a separate email) to fill out and return to me
  5. Pour yourself a glass of wine and get back to scrolling Instagram!
  6. Don't forget to keep an eye on your inbox for a few extra treats + tips coming your way in the following days
  7. The first collection (Holidays-themed!) will land in The Style Gallery within 3-4 weeks of sales closing. Visuals, sorted!

What's included:

  • A minimum of 30 high resolution images per month
  • Both styled and lifestyle (e.g. landscapes, food and more natural, everyday scenes) images
  • 5 quote graphics per month
  • A personal and professional license to use the photos online and in print (see FAQ below for more information)
  • An assessment of your brand, style, ideal client + image needs, via an in-depth Branding Questionnaire
  • Semi-custom styling, which means that I take into account all the info you give me in the Branding Questionnaire when creating each collection (see FAQ below for more information)
  • Styling with unique, luxe props handpicked for The Style Gallery

Join Today

$65 AUD per month

Only 25 spots available!


Cancel Anytime

Not in love with your photos? Cancel anytime, no questions asked


"Nidia is a lifesaver. I'm not a photographer (messing around with my iPhone doesn't count, right?) and Nidia's amazing stock photos are my go-to for Instagram and my blog. Finding great stock photos that match your brand (and haven't been used by hundreds of other people) is really hard, time consuming and can be expensive, but I know I can ALWAYS find what I need in The Gift List Gallery."  - Brogan Micallef, Communication Strategist

This is for you if:

  • You want to communicate your brand more clearly and beautifully
  • You want your brand + content to stand out and be recognisable 
  • You want to speak directly to your dream audience
  • You want to be more confident about charging higher prices
  • You want to ditch the overused stock photos you currently use

This is not for you if:

  • You do not have a website, blog or social media channels for your business
  • You do not have a clear idea of what your brand message is or who your ideal client is

Hi, I'm Nidia.

You hustle hard, you have amazing content and you're just itching to help others change their lives. But you keep getting tripped up by your images. Good stock photos are hard to come by, which is why everyone is using the same ones. But you can't bring yourself to use graphics only. It just doesn't quite fit your brand. I get it, I've been there. I searched high and low for gorgeous images to use in my previous business, only to find those same images splashed all over Pinterest and Instagram by every female entrepreneur and her (cute) dog. Not cool. 

As a self-taught photographer with a Marketing degree and over 10 years' experience as a stylist, I finally decided to put all those skills together to create my own beautiful brand, blog and social media images. Now, I'm here to do the same for you. To help you and your brand stand out, to help you speak directly to your ideal client and to give you the images to position yourself as a luxe brand. You are amazing, it's about time the rest of the world knew. 


"Before I was really random with my brand images, but Nidia created a cohesive look and mood that is 100% me. The unique props she chose were so perfect that my husband thought they were mine when he saw the photos! Now I have a stunning way to communicate my coaching services visually to potential clients."  - Julie O'Hara, Calm Belly Kitchen



How will I access my stock photos?

Your photos will be available to download from the exclusive members' gallery on my website. You will receive a monthly email letting you know when the new collection is live.

How can I use my stock photos?

They are for your personal and business use, so almost any way you can think of! Here's a few ways:

  • Across all your digital channels - website, social media, online shop, digital products, etc.
  • In your branding collateral - business cards, price lists, welcome packs, etc.
  • To display your own digital or physical products - overlay your product using image editing software, such as Photoshop

You may also crop, rotate, flip, add your own text + graphic elements and use colour overlays.

You do not need to give credit or attribution for the photos (though, always appreciated!), but you may not claim them as your own.

Can I use my photos in digital products I sell?

Yes, you may! But you CANNOT repackage the images and sell them as your own or in any way transfer them to your customer as JPEGS they can use. See Terms of Use and license information below for details.

    How am I not permitted to use my stock photos?

    The Terms of Use are easy to understand and always accessible in the members' area on my website, but here are some ways in which you cannot use the images:

    • You may crop, rotate, flip, add text, graphic elements and colour overlay, but you cannot otherwise alter, edit or manipulate the images 
    • You cannot sell, loan, transfer or give away images or otherwise allow a third party to use the images in any way
    • Your membership is for your own personal and professional use. You cannot share your log-in information with anyone. If you do so, your membership will be immediately revoked.
    • You cannot create derivative products from the images and sell them. For example, you cannot add text to an image and sell it as a print, but you can use them as part of your digital products. You cannot use images to create branding or logos to re-sell them, but you can use the images to create your own branding and/or logos.
    • You do not need to give credit or attribution for the photos, but you cannot claim the images as your own

    If at any time you are unsure, the full terms and conditions can be found below and in the members' area. You can also email me at

    What size are the photos?

    All images are JPEG files sized at 3600 x 2400 (or close to, for square images), with a high resolution 300 ppi. They're big enough to use online and in print, but not so big they'll take up all your memory. You may re-size the images as needed.

    Is there any limit to how many photos I can download?

    Definitely not! Download as many as you like, as often as you like. 

    Are there any photos currently in The Style Gallery?

    The Style Gallery is truly unique in that it is partly tailored to each member. This means that I cannot create any collections until I have reviewed each member's Branding Questionnaire. There is, however, an exclusive stock photo pack of over 30 images already in the gallery to get you started. And each month I will add another 30 (or more) images to the gallery, created especially for you.

    How does the semi-custom styling work?

    When you sign up to The Style Gallery, you receive an email with a Branding Questionnaire to fill out and return to me. Once I receive every member's branding questionnaires (I will set a cut-off date to get it in by), I will create a stock photo collection that best serves you all and is as close to your brand + needs as possible. Of course, you will not get images 100% tailored to your brand + needs every time (this is available in my fully custom styling + photography packages), but with only 25 members in the gallery and at least 30 photos in each collection, you will definitely get as close as possible.

    The key is to be very clear about your image needs and give me as much detail as possible in your Branding Questionnaire. This means I will be able to tailor images to you more often. I will also regularly survey all members to ensure the images are still on point and, if you'd like to make any changes to your Branding Questionnaire or request any particular images, send me an email and I will get onto it.

    What if I want to cancel my membership?

    If you decide The Style Gallery is not for you, you may cancel at any time via 'My Profile' or on your PayPal recurring payments dashboard. Because this is a semi-custom service and you receive instant, unlimited access to The Style Gallery, there are no refunds given.

    If you do decide to cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of your subscription term (i.e. one month), after which your account will be deactivated and you will no longer be billed. You may continue to use the photos you have already downloaded as much as you want. 

    Keep in mind that as an exclusive stock photo gallery, there may not be a chance to resubscribe. Should I make more places available in the future and you wish to resubscribe, you will have to do so at the current monthly price.

    Have more questions?

    Shoot me an email at and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


    Ready To Love Your Brand Visuals?

    $65 AUD per month

    Only 25 spots available!


    Cancel Anytime

    Not in love with your photos? Cancel anytime, no questions asked


    The Style Gallery Terms and Conditions:

    Membership to The Style Gallery comes with a non-exclusive, limited use license for one user. Please read the terms and conditions below.

    Members can:

    • Use images for personal or commercial use, online and in print

    • Resize, crop or change image orientation

    • Overlay the image with text, website screenshots, product designs and pdf designs

    • Add filters or colour overlays to suit their branding aesthetic

    • Use the images to create opt-ins, such as checklists, workbooks, pdfs, e-books, as long as the images are overlaid with text or graphics and cannot be extracted

    • Use the images to create End Products for sale where the End Product is significantly different than the original item and requires time, effort, and skill to produce. End Products must not be used or sold in any way that is directly competitive with the original item purchased, and the lifetime sales of the End Product can not exceed 500 units. To purchase an extended license, please contact me 

    Members cannot:

    • Otherwise alter, edit or manipulate the image, or claim the image as their own

    • Sell, loan, or give away the image or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way

    • Transfer the images to clients/customers, even if you have modified the design by adding text or graphics

    • Use the images for e-book covers or physical book covers to be sold on a mass distribution site, such as Amazon

    • Create derivative products from the images, such as art prints, posters, mugs, calendars, stationery items or any such products, either for sale or to give away for free

    • Images may not be used for any offensive, illegal or pornographic use

    Other Legal Considerations:

    • Nidia Karimalis | Style.Undone.Creative remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright of the images

    • Credit or attribution is not required (but always appreciated). Remember to use the hashtag #TheStyleGallery or tag @styleundonecreative so I can see how you use your images!

    • Members acknowledge that Style.Undone.Creative | Nidia Karimalis does not make any representations or assurances of non-infringement and does not make claim to have received releases from any brands, designers or manufacturers for use of products, registered trademarks, logos or intellectual property portrayed in the images. Members agree that neither Nidia Karimalis nor Style.Undone.Creative shall be liable for any damages resulting from the use of any of the images provided. Style.Undone.Creative | Nidia Karimalis shall not be liable for any claims related to, or resulting from, your use of the images, which may or may not have been modified by you or combined with other content.

    If you violate the terms of use, your membership will be terminated.

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