You've spent a ridiculous amount of time online looking for half-decent stock photos for your website, only to see that everyone and their mother are using the exact (or very similar) images you are using! You're so embarrassed, you almost don't want anyone to see your website! You've got website-shame, big time.


You want your brand to stand out, to look beautiful and to feel professional. You want clarity and confidence in your brand + website images. And you want to get back to growing and nurturing your community as fast as possible.


With Chic Happens Brand Photography you get over 10 high resolution signature brand images created exclusively for you and your brand. That means images that no one else will ever have, so you can really stand out.


What life looks like after...

  • Your brand is well-known and easily recognised (hello, brand recognition!)
  • You're speaking directly to your dream audience and growing your community organically, easily and steadily
  • You attract just the right clients for your services and customers for your e-courses
  • You ditch the brand- and website-shame and all associated drinking (only celebratory drinking from now on!)


"Nidia did a fantastic job with understanding my brand, the look I was going for and what I wanted to communicate to my audience. When I received my images, I was shocked because I couldn't believe that she was able to create something that was so uniquely me. If you have the words (like me), but you don't have the best visuals to back it up, then you need to work with Nidia."  - Erica Smith, PR + Marketing Strategist

"Before I was really random with my brand images, but Nidia created a cohesive look and mood that is 100% me. The unique props she chose were so perfect that my husband thought they were mine when he saw the photos! Now I have a stunning way to communicate my coaching services visually to potential clients."  - Julie O'Hara, Calm Belly Kitchen

Stop throwing money away by confusing potential clients and collaborators about what you stand for. Communicate your brand clearly, confidently and beautifully. 


Click the button below to start:

$2,617 AUD

Only 5 spots available!


Money-Back Guarantee

Special money-back guarantee! Not in love with your photos? You get your money back, no questions asked (all rights to the photos will also be forfeited).


What happens next:

  1. Click the book now button and book your free consultation with me right away
  2. We'll have a 30 minute chat via Skype to talk about your business, your brand, your needs and your dreams. I'll also answer any questions you may have.
  3. If we're feeling like we're a good fit, you can purchase your package and book your spot in my calendar (I only work on one client project at a time to ensure speed and consistency)
  4. Once I have received payment, you will receive a welcome email from me within 24 hours outlining the rest of the project, including regular check points
  5. Pour yourself a glass of wine and get back to scrolling Instagram!

What's included:

  • A collection of over 10 high resolution signature brand images
  • 10 different layouts included (e.g. desktop photo, flat lay, photo with white space for text, lifestyle photo)
  • An exclusive license, which means that you will own your images and they will never be re-used or re-sold
  • An assessment of your brand, style, ideal client + image needs
  • A personalised mood board for your images
  • Styling in your brand colours
  • Styling with unique, personalised props (e.g. your favourite flowers, snacks, drinks, patterns, desk accessories, etc.) handpicked to suit your brand, personal style + ideal client
  • I can include your own products, if you have them

Book Today

$2,617 AUD

Only 5 spots available


Money-Back Guarantee

Special money-back guarantee! Not in love with your photos? You get your money back, no questions asked (all rights to the photos will also be forfeited).


This is for you if:

  • You want to communicate your brand more clearly and beautifully
  • You want your brand to stand out and be recognisable 
  • You want to speak directly to your dream audience
  • You want to be more confident about charging higher prices
  • You want to ditch the overused stock photos you currently have

This is not for you if:

  • You do not have a website for your business
  • You do not have a clear idea of what your brand message is or who your ideal client is

Hi, I'm Nidia.

You hustle hard, you have amazing content and you're just itching to help others change their lives. But you keep getting tripped up by your images. Good stock photos are hard to come by, which is why everyone is using the same ones. But you can't bring yourself to use graphics only. It just doesn't quite fit your brand. I get it, I've been there. I searched high and low for gorgeous images to use in my previous business, only to find those same images splashed all over Pinterest by every female entrepreneur and her (cute) dog. Not cool. 

As a self-taught photographer with a Marketing degree and over 10 years' experience as a stylist, I finally decided to put all those skills together to create my own beautiful brand, blog and social media images. Now, I'm here to do the same for you. To help you and your brand stand out, to help you speak directly to your ideal client and to give you the images to position yourself as a luxe brand. You are amazing, it's about time the rest of the world knew. 


"Nidia meticulously studied my business, my product offering and asked the right questions to curate the perfect items for my daily inspiration email "Good Morning Beautiful" campaign. Her styling evoked the right feeling that aligns perfectly to my brand and shows prospective clients the motivational + inspirational experience they receive when they sign up."   - Reese Evans, Yes Supply



How will my photos be delivered to me?

Your photos will be delivered to you via a shared Dropbox folder. Alternatively, I could put them into a shared folder in Google Drive.

When will my photos be ready?

You will have your images within three weeks of the start of the project. 

Why do you only work on one client project at a time?

I produce my best, most consistent work when I can dedicate all my creative energies on the one project. It also allows me to offer faster turn-around times, instead of having your project drag on for weeks. 

Can you shoot my own products?

Yes, I would love to! If they are printables, you can email them to me and I will print them out on regular paper. If they are physical products or you want them printed out on special materials, you will need to post them to me (in Australia) via registered post. I will post them back to you once I have delivered your images.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No, I'm sorry, I don't.

What if I don't like my photos?

I will check in with you regularly throughout the duration of your project to ensure you're happy with the direction we're heading in. You will approve the mood board, the props and the unedited photos, before I proceed to the next phase of the project, with one revision built in for each. If you're still unhappy with your photos at the end of the project, I will refund your money, no questions asked. However, you will also forfeit all rights to the photos, meaning you will not be able to keep or use them for any purpose. 

Have more questions?

Shoot me an email at and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


Ready To Love Your Brand?

$2,617 AUD

Only 5 spots available


Money-Back Guarantee

Special money-back guarantee! Not in love with your photos? You get your money back, no questions asked (all rights to the photos will also be forfeited).

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