Sometimes, being an entrepreneur can get heavy. Things are so serious all the time and the stress can be overwhelming, so I’m here today with 10 easy ways to brighten up your work-at-home day and make it more beautiful!



1. Wear a perfume you love

Okay, I know what you’re going to say (I’m psychic like that): it’s a waste of a pricey item when no one will be around to smell it, you can’t even be bothered, you should save it for special occasions, it feels way too extravagant, etc., etc. 

You know what? You’re worth it (it’s not a popular beauty brand’s tagline for nothing!). You’re worth using a pricey, luxurious item in your everyday life. You’re worth the extra bother (come on, how much effort does it really take?). You’re worth smelling nice all day long, just for you. And, let’s be honest, do you only have one bottle of perfume? If you have more than one, pick one to be your special occasion perfume. The rest are fair game any and every day. 

You’re worth the extra bother.

Catching a whiff of a beautiful scent is going to lift your day, every time it happens. Now, that’s certainly worth it.  


2. Light a luxe candle

You probably have the same excuses as above and you should light that candle anyway, for the same reasons as above. 


3. Use a beautiful mug or teacup

What if every time you drank your coffee or tea you felt special? That would really brighten up your day! If you don’t have a cup or mug that makes you happy, get your butt to your favourite homewares shop and buy one. It could be a cheap + cheerful one that you’ll probably replace next month or it could be a stunning fine china affair. Whatever makes you feel special, buy it. Call it an investment, because it is - if you’re happier, you’re more productive! 

If you’re happier, you’re more productive!

4. Break out the fancy tea!

So you can use your fancy cup more often! We’re all about return on investment around here! Plus, if you drink too much caffeine, you’ll just wind up feeling anxious. So, fill the void between shots of go juice with a delicate herbal or fruity tea. I’m talking loose leaves, fruit pieces and flower petals here, girls, don’t be pulling out the Lipton!


5. Don't ignore basic hygiene - shower, brush your teeth and tidy up your hair every day!

Seriously. I know we work from home and we have to-do lists that could wrap around the earth several times, but basic hygiene needs to be a non-negotiable. Now, I’m not getting all judgey on you. It’s not about that, it’s about your mindset and your productivity. The fact is, being clean and treating yourself with care, makes you happier and more productive. Now, the occasional ‘really can’t be bothered with a shower’ day is fine, but just don’t make it a habit. Your business will thank you for it.

Now, I’m not getting all judgey on you. It’s not about that, it’s about your mindset and your productivity.

6. Wear cute clothes

I don’t know what you wear when you work from home, but it’s probably something comfy. Awesome. Is it ugly, though? I know, I know, what does it matter because no one’s going to see it? Well, it matters because it affects your mood and probably without you even realising it. Just wear something cute (and still comfortable) one day and feel the difference!

Now, when I say wear cute clothes, I don’t mean you have to be all dressed up or uncomfortable. Just wear something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in. It could still be leggings and a loose t-shirt, just nice ones. Lounge wear and active wear are having a moment right now, so you’ll definitely be able to find something cute.


7. Paint your nails

Who cares if no one’s going to see it? How often do you actually finish a bottle of nail polish, anyway? Paint them on the weekend and enjoy the flash of colour every time you’re typing!


8. Have a "creative break" handy

Give your brain a mini break every now and then with something beautiful. I discovered this little trick last week when my wifi was being super slow. Being the impatient person that I am, I started colouring while waiting for things to load. This simple little action kept me feeling creative, productive and happy the whole day! 

This simple little action kept me feeling creative, productive and happy the whole day!

If colouring’s not your thing, try sketching, doodling with coloured pens, looking through a beautiful magazine or book or singing your heart out. Whatever works!


9. Sit in the sun

Sitting in a patch of sunlight makes me so happy. The warmth and light just really lift my mood. Wherever there’s a patch of sun, sit there, even it it’s only for a short time. I basically follow the sun around my house all day! I find the change of scenery stops me from feeling stuck, too. 


10. Keep your brand mood board visible

Presumably, your brand aesthetic is something you find beautiful, right? So, keep your mood board visible! Apart from lifting your mood, it will also ensure everything you do in your business is on-brand. Fist bump, girl boss!

If you don’t have a brand mood board, you need to make one pronto! If you're not sure how, just search ‘brand mood board how to’ on Pinterest and you'll come across a bunch of helpful blog posts on the topic.


Remember, these tips are not meant to make you feel like everything you do must be picture-perfect, it’s just about brightening your day and keeping you productive and in a good mood. So, don’t feel like you need to go on a shopping spree or put ‘wear perfume’ on your to-do list! They’re just nice things to do for yourself if you find you’re feeling a bit ‘meh' or stuck in a rut.

Also, it’s a good way to treat yourself well. Something a fellow girl boss - Liz of Linea Mae - said on Instagram really stuck with me: be an amazing boss to yourself. So simple, but so life-changing!

What makes your day more beautiful? Pop into the comments and let me know!


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